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Our Sustainability Efforts

The garment sector is one of the world’s most polluting industries and we’re doing our part to change that. We're committed to being one of the most sustainable infant apparel companies in the market today. 

  • Approach - Reusing clothing is the most eco-friendly thing we can do. We start by producing high-quality products, designed with longevity in mind - intended to be handed down, donated or resold. Our Babysuit will keep up with your baby and many babies to come! 
        • The unique fit and fold-over footie gives the garment extra wear time beyond the indicated sizing
        • We encourage parents to hand-me-down their Babysuit, consign it, donate to a baby in need, or contact us for help recycling their Babysuit
        • We produce in small quantities, only manufacturing what we know will be used. We are committed to no wasted garments
      • Manufacturing - We work with factories that prioritize workers and their worker's well-being. The factory that we choose to work with shares our values of ethical labor and working conditions, ensuring manufacturing practices are held to the highest standards
        • We produce everything in Peru, because that’s where organic Pima cotton is grown. This decreases the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. 
        • We only work with partners who share our values of: 
          • Fair, living wages which comply with all laws regulating local wages, overtime compensation and legally mandated benefits
          • Treating workers with respect (absolutely no forced or bonded labor)
          • Providing safe, comfortable working conditions and healthy work environment and are not subject to unsanitary or hazardous conditions 
          • Transparency 
          • Minimizing waste and energy usage wherever possible throughout the production of each garment
          • Observing international standards and national and local law and regulations
          • Not using child labor
          • Protecting animal welfare
        • All unused fabric scraps and materials are recycled and repurposed
  • Materials - Raw material choice is the biggest contributor to a product’s sustainability. That’s why we only produce our garments with a top-tier raw material. Naturally-sourced 100% organic cotton has one of the lowest carbon impacts.
      • Organic cotton avoids the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer, and on average uses 91% less water (80% rain-fed) and 62% less energy than non-organic cotton
      • Organic cotton sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people Organic cotton uses only untreated seeds and prohibits the use of GMO seeds.
      • No single-use plastics in our supply chain
      • Zero toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process
      • Our product is never sprayed with flame retardants
      • No dyes used in our garments:
      • Clear of any toxic chemicals:
        • Formaldehyde
        • NPE/NP
        • Phthalates
        • PFC
        • Antimony
        • Aromatic solvents
        • Functional nanoparticles
      • No heavy metals
        • We never use polyester or any synthetic fibers in our products
      • Other environmentally-conscious commitments across all aspects of the business - We have internal innovative solutions for reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible:
        • Shipping products are both recycled and 100% recyclable 
        • Tags are printed right on the garment to avoid paper waste and all items in the packaging have a dual-purpose
        • Minimal carbon footprint operations: shared work spaces, subways to meetings, no notebooks, no printing of paper internally


      We ask that you continue on with our sustainable mission. Here's what you can do:

      • Reusing clothing is the most eco-friendly thing we can do. In the US, 85% of unwanted, used clothes end up in landfill.*
        • Resell it: Our favorite partner is ThredUp
        • Donate it to babies in need
        • If you have nowhere to donate your outgrown babysuit, please email us at: hi@pippeapop.com. We’ll take care of donating it for you
      • Instead of using the dryer, try to hang dry when possible. This saves electricity and avoids fiber degradation, maintaining the integrity of your garments
        • 75% of laundry’s total carbon impact comes from machine drying your clothes*.
      • Wash items in cold water to reduce the carbon impact by 10%* 
      *Source: ThredUp

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