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Wonderful gift giving item! I love personalizing for a friends sweet new baby!

The baby suit is perfect! I’ve purchased others and nothing compares to this! The material is so soft, and the snaps are so convenient for changes. Plus I love that it has the option to be footless. It’s my favorite and I’ll keep purchasing this for my baby. Also bonus it’s super cute and I love that I can engrave his name!

The fit is amazing! Maybe a bit on the larger size of the age range. It lasts so long. Easy to get on and off — even besides how cute it is, it’s our favorite onesie.

this is my go to baby gift!

I gifted it to a friend and she thought the snap in bib was genius!

This baby suit is perfect! The designs are beautiful and functional. The perfect gift with the addition of beautiful personalization.

I have bought baby jammies from all brands and these are my favorites! The embroidery on bib and suit is adorable. The fabric is extremely soft and we love the animals!

I love these outfits for my daughter; great for diaper changes, practical for a baby that spits up a lot, and so soft and durable!

The Babysuit is so soft and stretchy, and the personalization is the sweetest touch! I bought a few for my own baby, and plan to purchase more as gifts!

The cutest gift!! Bought a set for myself but will 100% be gifting in the future

Love the customization, how soft the fabric is and the convenient opening and foot cover

This outfit is easily my favorite for my son. Not only is it practical (I'm all about the zippers and foot covers), but it's so soft and looks beautiful! There is definitely still room in this outfit and I'm hoping to have him crawl around in it at our house for his first birthday! Couldn't recommend a better gift for any new mom!

I LOVE how soft these baby suits are - they are seriously like butter. And the bib buttoning to it is genius

We LOVE our babysuit & bib! So cute & simple 🤍 the foot cuffs are super nice, especially on those cold morning’s!

We ADORE our PPP Babysuits! They are seriously my favorite and save me so much time and hassle. Gigi is always smiling in her Babysuit, Thank you for the most perfect product

Amazing quality fabric and cute designs. I already bought three in different sizes and I’m considering buying another 3.

I purchased a bundle for myself and loved it so much that I immediately bought sets for two other friends to welcome their new babies. The designs are absolutely adorable and the personalization makes the babysuits feel so special. But better than just being stylish, the fabric is unbelievably soft! Will definitely be buying more as gifts in the future.

Maverick, mom and dad LOVE the Pip Pea Pop bodysuits! We love the super soft organic material, fold over footie, two way zipper and detachable bibs! Not to mention the adorable personalized monogramming! By far our favorite bodysuit.

I purchased this set as a gift and my friend couldn’t have been happier. It was so sweet and special with the personalization. These will likely be my new go-to baby gift.

Incredibly soft material, great quality, adorable designs. They make the perfect gift! And shipping was super fast which was a nice surprise

We’re obsessed with the softness of the fabric... and knowing that the best type of fabric is touching my baby’s skin (especially since she is on the sensitive side). Love the creative embroidery that is fun and playful without being over the top. And babies look so beautiful in creams and whites! Patiently awaiting when PPP debuts toddler pajamas

The babysuit has been a life saver! All those days when you are looking in your baby's drawers, not sure what to put her in, that is cozy and cute, now there is finally an answer. The suit itself is lightweight, supportive, breathable, and functional. I can only hope the brand comes up with more colors and styles because this outfit is an easy must have.

The Babysuit is so soft and yummy. I wish I could have one in my size! I love putting Beatrice in her Babysuit where I know she'll be comfy and happy.

This is the by far the best bodysuit we’ve had. It’s super soft, makes life easier during diaper changes and my baby girl looks adorable in it.

We absolutely love our Babysuit! The detachable bib is definitely a life saver! My baby spits up and drools a lot so he has to have a bib on 24/7. It really helps when we’re putting him down, we don’t have to reach in the back of his neck. Did I mention the bib is very absorbent? We also enjoy the two way zipper AND snaps feature. The two way zippers makes for easy changing and we use the snaps to check his diapers!

We absolutely love the PiP PEA POP babysuit, between the ingenious design, super soft fabric, incredible quality and adorable embroidery, these have fast become our favorite pieces for Nico (and we have tried all the brands). Nico loves how soft and comfy they are and we love how easy it is to dress and change him!

We love our buttery soft babysuit! as a mom, when I open the drawer to dress my son I always gravitate to choosing my pip pea pop babysuit for him! I just cant get over how soft and comfortable this thing is! I definitely want one of each!

The bib is genius!!

It was the fastest diaper change I've ever done thanks to the zipper. Love the fold-over feet and the bib soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly love the product / the material is amazing, I love the footie design and simplicity of it!

The Babysuit’s material is EXTREMELY soft! I love the bib feature - it’s incredibly convenient and never misplace them when they’re attached

These are my go to outfits for my baby! They’re so soft and fit him so well. They’re good whether its a cold day or a warm day. Perfect for all activities. And they are so cute!! Will definitely have to get the next size up in all designs so I don’t have to do laundry everyday 😉 love everything about this company and what they’ve created. Thank you so much! 💗

My baby loves her Babysuit because it is so soft and cozy and I love it because it’s organic, and free of dyes and chemicals. We love the Babysuit for sleeping or playing, and now we look so cute doing both 😍

Omgoodness I love these onesies SO much. They’re soft but also thick and so comfortable. The removable bib piece is awesome, especially for a spitty uppy baby (made up a word 🤷🏻‍♀️), which I have. They’re going to be on rotation until he grows out of them! They were a gift to us and customer service is amazing as well, they helped very quickly with a size change. I'm now about to buy some for a friend who just had a baby :)

I loved this baby onesie. The material is soft and light but still made of quality material. She was able to crawl and roll around in it comfortably. What I loved most about this onesie are is the foot covering option. Usually why you have footed onesies once your child starts growning it's pretty much over for that outfit. But with this onesie it will still fit because you can just not use the foot covering so you will get more use out of the outfit. I would definitely recommend this footed onesie you'll love it as a mom and your child will love it too!

We absolutely loved the babysuit and would order more + gift them as gifts to new mothers. It's a very high quality, logical design while being adorable and cozy! LOVE the product!

Leon loves his babysuit! Super easy to dress and undress especially for a baby who doesn't like to stay on his back for too long. My favorite feature is fold-over footie for easy crawling! The designs are beautiful and I love the soft material.

The zipper on the onsie was awesome- my son won’t sit still for buttons so the zipper was perfect! I also loved the footed piece that comes up and down! AJ hates socks so this was a perfect because he can’t take them off!!!

I loved the feel of the material you could tell just by touching it that it was quality. I love how the bib actually goes on the Babysuit, I've never seen this design before and think it is genius! These outfits could be passed down to younger siblings or friends because they are gender-neutral. I liked how the feet had the little covers you could use to cover babies toes-I didn't have to worry about using socks. The zipper and snaps were great because you didn't need to take the baby's legs completely out for the diaper change. Love the Babysuit!

The babysuit fits my daughter perfectly and it looks adorable on her. Easy to get her arms and legs in and out of them, too!

Two thumbs up -- you can tell this was made by a mom who just gets it!

I love that this luxuriously soft Babysuit is made from certified 100% organic pima cotton!

Thoughtfully made, fits well and adorable. I recommend Pip Pea Pop every mom I know!

The bundling option is a lifesaver. We always have a size bigger waiting for us.

I love how soft the fabric is and the thoughtful design details on the onesie are so cute!

I love the babysuit because it is a great item for play and sleep. Hadrian really doesn't love his sleepsack, so having this, with the covered foot option, is the perfect solution!

I LOVE my PiP PEA POP. Seriously so easy. I ended up having to change Noli in the middle of the night and it was so easy thanks to her new getup!

I LOVE the fold-over footie! Sizing is great and there’s plenty of room for him to grow into it! The snaps are nice because I don’t have to totally get him out and worry that he’ll be cold. And it’s SOOOOO soft! I want one for myself!

There really was such an ease in getting it on/off compared to typical pajamas. We didn’t fear hurting him when dressing him - we are at the stage where we have to wrestle him for diaper changes and changing of clothes. I love the fact that sizing is so true to size.

Silas loved his onesie! The material was so unbelievably soft and it fit him perfectly!

It feels like a cloud on my baby's skin - SO SOFT and luxurious.

This is the new uniform that every parent needs for their babies.

The fold-over footie, removable bib and zippers are GENIUS!

This makes diaper changes about as easy as they can be. My daughter lives in this day and night.

This onesie is all we need to dress our son. It's so soft and he's so happy wearing it.

Until now, it was impossible to find organic cotton onesies that were both practical but cute -- Pip Pea Pop does it all!

I love that Pip Pea Pop is a sustainable brand that uses only organic cotton. Not to mention, the designs are precious.

I am obsessed with this sleeper. Every time we wear it, I can't wait until it makes its way back through the laundry pile so we can wear it again. The fabric is incredible, the design is versatile and it's just adorable!

The removable bib is SOOOOO smart! Its so easy to get on my baby and keeps her dry.

This is the PERFECT onesie! It’s SO easy to get on and off, diaper changes are a breeze. Most importantly, I love that it’s 100% organic cotton, too!

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